Rarely, a public place could have the magic to make you feel comfortable and inspired. Las Vecinas, created by Zonia Zena, is where you can find a piece of art in each article of decoration.

Las Vecinas

Jr. Domeyer 219, Barranco

Wednesday to Monday, 9.00 – 21.00 (Tuesday, closed)

The Decor & Vibe

That love for detail is present in the menu, on the table where you find charming napkins, a flower, and healthy organic food. It’s not a vegetarian or vegan place but many of the recipes have no meat (or you could ask for the vegetarian option).

The Food

If you want something nutritive and light, the tostas are a good option. The Tosta Gouda (S/ 16) comes with rye or whole wheat bread, melted Gouda cheese (very intense but not so greasy), asparagus and a fried egg that gives a soft texture in each bite. They also have a Sweet Peaches Tosta, with sunflower seed bread, fresh goat cheese (one of the top ingredients of Las Vecinas), peaches, honey, and thyme.

The spices are an important ingredient in each plate of Las Vecinas because it gives different aromas.

The sandwiches, for example, always have some type of herbs that increase the flavors. El Dorado (S/ 25) is highly recommended. It comes with wheat and rye bread, homemade pesto, fresh goat cheese, and smoked goat cheese. You can also have it with baked eggplant. The veggie burgers are also very original: one made with quinoa, lentils, chestnuts, and onions, and another with quinoa and sprouts, dressed with tomato sauce.

Soups are available in every season and they are scrumptious!

The Choclochowder (S/ 25) is addicting. It’s made with coconut milk, potatoes, red pepper, tomato, Peruvian corn (very soft and fresh) and aromatic herbs. “People always return for the soups. Some clients always ask for the same plates”, says Zonia.

The salads are fresh and served in very good portions.

We tried the Anthony’s Quinua de Verano (S/ 35), named for a client that loves it, and it will surely satiate your hunger. It has quinoa (white, red and black), fresh zucchini, baked eggplant (one of the favorite ingredients of the house), avocado, tomato, golden berry, radishes, chestnuts, cinnamon, olive oil, lime, pink salt, cumin, cilantro and mint (last two gives a special touch).

Pasta and plates for sharing are what complete the menu.

Between these, the hummus bowl and Spanish tortilla made with arracacha, an Andean potato, are good surprises.

The Drinks

For drinks, you could ask for coffees, natural juices, herbal infusions, teas, lemonades (with mint or other ingredients) and water (alkaline and for Amazonian rain).

The Dessert

For dessert, you should try the brownie with chestnuts, made with goat butter. It is also served with little but very concentrated cacao.

What Else?

Las Vecinas also has a little shop with many organic products and others selected by Zonia (chocolates, chips, coffee, soaps and incense) including a book of the Slow Food organization to which they belong. “For us, it is very important what you eat. Maybe some products could be more expensive but worth it”. This locale isperfect for people who love a relaxing place where you feel at home, where you can kick your feet up and even read your book while enjoying fresh plates and drinks.

Breakfast (every day from 9.00 to 12.00): S/ 16 – S/ 38

Coffees: S/ 5.00 – S/ 12

Juices: S/ 7 – S/ 8

Teas (cup / tea pot): S/ 7 – S/ 12 / S/ 15

Tostas: S/ 16

Sandwiches: S/ 25 – S/ 26

Soups: S/ 25

Salads: S/ 30 – S/ 35

Pastas: S/ 26 – S/ 28

To share: S/ 20 – S/ 35

Craft beer: S/ 14 – S/ 18

Wine: S/ 20 (glass) S/ 90 (bottle)

Bonus: Pet friendly